I/We agree to the following:  As parent/ guardian of this participant acknowledges that automatically Term renewal will take place during the Year.

  • Fees will be charged for every Term automatically via Pay Pal, direct debit or Coach Abroad will invoice for a bank transfer payment each Term.
  • If the participant doesn’t wish to continue with the program the parent / guardian will have to notify via email to: info@villarreal-brisbane.com his/her not renewal before the end of the Term.

I/ We agree to the following:

  • As parent / guardian of this participant acknowledges that Villarreal Brisbane Academy runs year round, organising training and competition during the 4 Terms of the year.

I/We agree to the following:

  • As parent/guardian of this participant acknowledges that this project is organized and managed by Coach Abroad and hereby waives any claim against Villarreal Brisbane Academy and their affiliated companies in connection with the soccer sessions he/she is being enrolled to.
  • As a parent/guardian we understand that their are inhereint risks associated in playing/training and participating in sports football related activities. Villarreal Brisbane Academy and Coach Abroad accept that all reasonable care will be taken to prevent injury and indemnify and release Villarreal Brisbane Academy and Coach Abroad and its employees and staff of any liability from injuries occurring during the training and matches associated with the Villarreal Brisbane Academy.

Where the Coach or Academy Management is unable to contact me, or it is impractical to contact me, i hereby give permission to the Coach or Academy Management to seek treatment for my child at a hospital, or to call a doctor and/or ambulance and/or dentist during an emergency and agree to pay all relevant costs involved.

Regarding participation in the Villarreal Brisbane Academy training sessions and competitions, I/we take note that during or in connection with the activity itself media content clips, recordings, or stills may be taken that include images of the person (also allowing for their identification), eg during workouts, games, team and training sessions, etc)

In relation to the above, I/we authorise:

  • The media content and recording of images regarding the person, made in any technical format, including computer. the publication, communication, diffusion of the aforementioned media content, by any means and in any place.
  • It is acknowledged that Villarreal Brisbane Academy and Coach Abroad will be the sole and exclusive owners of the images and media content, of all the rights of use and exploitation, including economic of both the photographs and the media clips, which may be used in their entirety or as individual parts and components, including in the form of media clips, edited media contents and adaptations, without any limitation, and with ample power of transference to third parties. The aforementioned companies are therefore acknowledged to have full rights, including economic, in the use and exploitation of the images and footage by any means of transmission, broadcasting or communication, interactive as well, or for public enjoyment (e.g. television, Internet, home video, DVD, CD Rom and Blue Ray) in any way or form, and by using any technology for reception on any terminal, with option of using pictures or media content even without previous processing, assemblage, editing or adjusting, for publishing, advertising, or promotional purposes, whether on paper or on electronic or digital media, including for the purpose of communication and dissemination to the public. I declare that no law can be recognised in favor of the participant in relation to the above, whether or not the media content includes the participant.